TriShield Integrated Security, LLC is an certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) located in Charlottesville, Virginia. TriShield provides encompassing, evolving and real-time Security Solutions. TriShield also provides bundled and tiered security packages to keep costs affordable while protecting your information to the highest potential.

TriShield is a proud graduate of the Institute for Veterans and Military Families: Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities. When TriShield was just a thought, we literally researched Entrepreneur + Bootcamps + Veterans due to our need to knowing more. Is TriShield viable and sustainable? The answer, Absolutely! TriShield is a developing leader in Consulting, Assessing, Training and Monitoring various Security Systems while Implementing Solutions to both government and private sectors.

Core Values: S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • SECURITY: Implement the best security practices to minimize our customers’ risk of theft.
  • HONOR: Protect our customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) and right to privacy through the use of evolving security solutions.
  • INNOVATION: Develop new security measures and techniques to deter threats and secure our customers’ information.
  • EVOLUTION: Monitor, deploy and evolve security measures to provide the best methods and techniques.
  • LEADERSHIP: Become a national leader in security and ethical standards.
  • DEDICATION: Preserve, Protect & Defend by providing the best customer service and security to our customers.

Our Principles

Vision – Keep up-to-date on upcoming security products, regulations, education and employees that assist in the development of industry specific countermeasures and techniques in order to accomplish our mission.

Perception – Provide community outreach at various industry seminars/events, chamber of commerce, schools in order to educate on the threats and vulnerabilities. Also provide national/global security news through the TriShield website and social media outlets to assist current and future clients in understanding their threats.

Leadership – TriShield has a core leadership team that is driven to succeed and focus on developing/providing the best service to our clients. The leadership team believes in the vision and is dedicated to growing a successful company that provides ‘best in class’ security for our clients.

Reputation – TriShield builds its reputation on trust and honor. These are the principles in which our employees were taught while serving in the U.S. Military. Customers feel that they have made the best decision in hiring our high quality security specialists.

Consistency – TriShield’s employees and security measures sustain your organization and evolve with the changes in the cyber security landscape. Illustrating our efficiency in deterring threats.