4D-R²: Defend, Detect, Disseminate, Destroy, Resile, Reforge

Triple Threats need specific responses. Hackers and Cyber Terrorist use surreptitious code, malware, worms and all sorts of malicious software to attack networks in denial of service and also steal data or cause mayhem immediately or is seeded in networks for later attack.

TriShield uses 4D-R² to defend, counter attack and reforge client systems, as needed.

The SHIELD represents a strategic approach to three aspects of security and cyber intelligence, that of the Blue Team , the Red Team and the Black team.
Our Process
Blue The Blue team prepares and responds to attacks and helps its clients to be able to do the same. It prepares for the "what if" scenario of devastating attack by continuously drilling and preparing, while at the same time, performing its normal duties. The Blue Team is actually the one that has the most responsibility of all of the teams, because it is the one that must survive according to the 4D-R2 philosophy. Even in the worst situation, it must be able regroup, recover and reforge to continue to deliver services. The blue team builds people, process and technology, with a chain of capabilities that will sustain it from the raw recruit to the final rotation to specialized roles.
Red The Red Team is the team that must find weaknesses and vulnerabilities in all parts of the organization, and sometimes assists with Blue team drills, but often is engaged to perform the unexpected attack. It is looking for cracks in the armor of the 4D-R2 philosophy, and nothing is out of its target, even the special forces. It is looking for failures of any team to meet the mission objectives of TriShield, and then is responsible to assisting with reporting and remediating gaps, including follow-up on progress.
Black The Black team (Special Operations) is typically indemnified by sanction by authority, but has many tools on hand with its external focus to deflect attacks on the blue team, or to prevent future attacks. Rather like the Destroyer, many threats can be detected and eliminated by exposure, reporting to agencies, being misdirected to the incorrect target, by having reputation distorted or destroyed, or even tracked to operational locations. Recall that in some areas, merely asking a question is sufficient to derail a threat. The Black Team has components that rotate in and out the red team that also hone their skills in cyber ranges and even in security research, as needed, to ensure success.